GenomeME is readily equipped with fascinating laboratories

that meet relevant standards.

These labs are where potential staff use innovative apparatus to test and analyze DNA, uncover talent genes, detect infections on the DNA level, analyze DNA for medical treatments, evaluate personal health, and analyze personal medicinal effects.

Quality Scientific Lab at GenomeME

Having Huanji Gene Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as a business partner that is supported by Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), Ministry of Science and Technology, and receiving investment promotion by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) have enabled us to diagnose each case on the DNA level using modern biological Microarray technology in a systematic and controlled environment.

Highly effective gene testing technology


Highly sensitive and specific for precise results


Able to test many genes at once, and has a credible reference source


Our testing system is quality controlled to avoid any false-negative results


As many genes can be tested simultaneously, the average cost for each service is truly affordable


Our Company’s laboratories meet relevant standards and have been certified from the leading institutes, proving our commitment to perfection.

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